kim kim illustration

Together with my friend an colleague Ilki Kocer we founded a brandnew little business for stationery (and much more in the future) called kim kim illustration.

We met during our studies of illustration and comics.
Ilki lives in Kassel. She writes and draws stories about culture and nature. She manages to make you reflect your own concepts, and at the same time to make you happy.

Our products are available at Hey Du Store in Hamburg. We are also currently working on our kim kim online shop.

“Hi Ilki! Did you manage to print your comic last week?”
Burcu: “Ehhhh, do we know each other???” We still don’t know why, but during our studies we always got mixed up by everyone.
That’s why we are called “kim kim”!
“Kim” is Turkish and means “who”. And “Kim kim” means “Who is who”.

Here you can see the products with my work. It is a set of postcards around the topic „at home“ and art prints.